How to Properly Design your Real Estate Poster

Designing your poster for the very first time may be challenging. You might not know how to come up with the perfect title, what size it should be, what color it should be, and what font it should be.

This article will cover the design process for real estate posters so that your next poster won’t be your last!

Set Your Goal

Your goal should be clear on your poster. What are you trying to do with your real estate poster? You might want to create a poster highlighting a neighborhood’s features, location, or amenities. It depends on what type of real estate you’re looking to sell. Don’t Assume Your Target Audience should be clear as well. What type of person would be interested in your real estate poster? You might want to create a poster for potential buyers or investors. Or, you could make one for renters.

What is your goal?

There are many options for your goal.


  • To find a tenant for your vacant property
  • To sell your property
  • To buy a property
  • To rent a property
  • To advertise for another business

Your Goal: To sell your property

Theme and Style

When making your real estate poster, the theme, color, and layout should be considered. Your poster design ideas must be consistent with your overall brand image. This can be a massive advantage for your company in the future when you have the opportunity to sell products or services. You must also make sure that you are consistent with your color choices, fonts, and style so that it is easy for people to recognize who you are when they look at your posters.

Contact Information

Include your business name, location, and contact information. Typically, contact information is positioned to the left, right, or center. If you have a preferred way of contact, such as a phone number or email address, make it more prominent or more visible.

You can also choose to have your poster measured in Pixels, Inches, or Centimeters. However, for most of the posters you’ll be printing, it’s recommended to use the predefined sizes. This ensures that your printer is capable of producing a great poster.

Logo and Business Name

It’s essential to have your logo because it goes a long way in establishing your identity. Once you can tell your company’s story, you can tell your story through the logo you’ve created. Some logos are more memorable than others, and it can take some time to figure out what the feel of your logo is going to be.

The real estate poster is a powerful tool for marketing properties. It can serve as an effective marketing tool to get in touch with potential buyers and sellers. Real estate is a booming industry with many opportunities for new professionals indeed. A recent study revealed that the real estate industry is an estimated 4 trillion dollar industry.

So to stay on top of the market, advertisers and agents need to be innovators and take advantage of new marketing strategies. Posters have been on the rise in recent years, with many more people beginning to see their value as a marketing tool. If you want to know the latest trends about real estate marketing tips, investing, and everything related, subscribe to Real Estate Earn PH!



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